Video Poker: Jacks or Better Intermediate Rules and Strategies

You might be wondering what in the world I mean by “intermediate rules and strategies.” After all, you learn how to play a game like video poker, and then you just start playing; right? Well, no. There are several different strategies you can implement into your Jacks or better video poker. The problem is figuring out what type of approach you are going to take, and being able to stick to that approach, no matter what cards you are dealt.

Intermediate rules are more of “personal rules” that involve your bankroll and what to discard. Another way to look at it is with basic rules you are taking a safer approach. You basically look to be consistent with your wins and never falter from the basic path. Intermediate rules and strategies have a little more risk involved, so it’s possible to win more money, but also lose more money. If you decide to utilize these strategies it will be important to follow the path and never stray.

Jacks or Better video poker

#1 Alternating Ante Bets

Basic rules and strategies are all about playing .25-$1.00 per hand. You stick with the same amount every time, because you’re always going to try for the most probable win. When you work with intermediate strategies, it’s a good way to increase your winnings, even though the way you play the cards will be the same. Every hand, try alternating between the lowest bet to the highest bet. For instance, if you’re playing video poker online, you most likely have five different betting choices. The first hand you play the lowest bet, the second hand you play the second lowest bet, the third hand you play the middle bet, the fourth hand you play the second-highest bet, and the fifth hand you play the max bet.

The sixth hand you can either play the max bet and work your way back down, or start over with the lowest bet. Whatever the case may be, you are still going to work towards the most probable win.

#2 Bankrolling the 1, 3, 5 Bet

If you have a little more money to play with, and then utilize the lowest bet (1), the middle bet (3), and the max bet (5). Alternate between these three bets only. There is a little more risk financially, but there could be greater reward. Again, make sure you stick to looking for the most probable win for each hand.

#3 Middle Bet (3) for 25-50 Hands

The final option is to stick with the middle bet on every spin, but only play 25-50 hands. Keep in mind; you have to decide how many hands you will play, before you place your first ante. So, if you choose to play 35 spins at the middle bet, then you have to leave the online video poker (or the machine at a brick and mortar) after those 35 spins have been completed. Never chase your money, because 95 times out of a 100 you will only lose more money.

Another safe way to keep your bankroll intact is to set a spin limit no matter how you alternate bets. My goal is to make sure you have the best odds of winning when you sit down, and your goal is to grow your bankroll, no matter how long it takes.

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