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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Slots

Slot machines may look like a fairly simple contraption but trust us, there are multi page guides on these machines.

You would be forgiven for thinking that it is simply the case that you pull the lever, spin the reels and see where they stop. However, as it turns out there’s quite a lot more to these machines than meets the eye and since you’re here, we thought we may as well share some of our knowledge that you can put to test on one of the popular slots you can find at Casino777 Switzerland.

Slot Millionaires

Did you know that there has been a small number of people that have won over a million dollars playing on slots?  This can be by playing either online or in land-based casinos.  The biggest win we know of was won on a slot machine about a decade ago in Las Vegas, Nevada. A $32 million-dollar win was recorded, a very rare but spectacular win indeed.

Even online, there have been some pretty nifty wins where slot games have given away large cash sums. Such games with high payouts are well advertised on slot, bingo and casino sites and there is no specific technique involved in winning, after all these are just simple games of chance, with the games with the highest RTP offering the best chances of a win, if you don’t know what RTP means, continue reading this article.

Previous Play Influence

Generally at the heart of a slot machine there’s a random number generator. As the name suggests, this device (or program) creates a string of random numbers which the machine uses to determine the outcome each time the lever is pulled. As such, any machine which uses an RNG will, by design, provide players with a unique outcome every spin. So any speculation about previous play influence should be forgotten – just because you’ve seen someone spend an hour feeding cash to a machine doesn’t mean it’s going to pay it all back to you anytime soon!

RTP Rate

All online and land slots have a different RTP (Return to Player)  – this is something you should be looking at before playing. Effectively the RTP is an expression of the percentage (out of 100%) chance that you have of winning.  The higher the percentage, the greater the chance that you’ll scoop a win. The normal RTP rate for a slot machine is around 96%, so if you notice machines you’ve been frequenting are set lower, you may wish to reconsider your choice.


breaking bad slot

Celebrity Star Slots

If you haven’t been to one of the worlds gaming hotspots, like Vegas, then you won’t have seen the 1000’s of machines all lined up and you may be unaware just how much of a big deal slot gaming is.

In order to ensure widespread appeal, the slot developers need to think carefully about targeting different player niches with games they will enjoy. Using pop culture to theme games has become very successful and as such you can expect to see games themed on pop stars like Michael Jackson or on television series such as Breaking Bad. If you play one of these games you can expect to be treated to special features that make reference to their theme.

Charge to Room

In many gambling hotspots such as Vegas, you’ll find hotels that contain casinos. In some of these hotels you’ll be able to put your gambling on your room key card, just as you’d do at the bar. Crazy, isn’t it!? Be careful if you want to use this option as it could be very easy to get carried away and forget how much you are betting.

As you can see, the world of slots has plenty to give. How many of these facts did you know?

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