Online Gambling Around The World

International Online Gambling

Internet gambling is a pastime enjoyed be people all parts of the world. It doesn’t matter what corner of the globe you are in, there is opportunity to play one of the popular casino games online. In this article, I am going to focus on several countries and their attitudes towards online gambling.

The United Kingdom

The UK is a country that loves online gambling. They love it so much, that one does not even need to pay taxes on gambling winnings. This is something many professional gamblers envy the Brits for. Sports betting and Bingo are some of the most popular online gambling games. Bingo is particularly popular with most brands investing heavily in advertising.



The gambling industry has really taken off in Malaysia in recent years. A few decades ago, and many Malaysians wouldn’t have been familiar with the major casino games. Now, there are lots of great casinos and it’s a very competitive industry. Finding a trusted online casino Malaysia is very important. Make sure you read reviews and spend time doing research.


Interestingly, Spain’s most popular and heavily invested form of gambling is in the national lottery. The state national lottery is incredibly lucrative. The fat one “El Gordo” is held at Christmas time and costs €200! That is a lot more than most national lotteries but shows no sign of declining in popularity.


Like the United Kingdom, gambling winnings are not subject to taxation in Australia. They tax the gambling operators so see no reason to tax the players too. They also cite that a winner is just as likely to lose the next time they gamble. It’s a recreational hobby and not a job or serious income. Poker is very popular down under. Joe Hachem’s WSOP win in 2005. His $7.5 million earnings from the main event sparked a surge in poker activity from Australia. Joe’s a great ambassador for Australian poker and his adorning the Australian flag upon victory is an image etched on poker player’s minds to this day.

Countries Where Online Gambling Banned

Unfortunately, there are places in the world where online gambling is illegal. The list is quite exhaustive, so we won’t name every country. Most of the Islamic countries forbid online gambling as do most states in USA. There are a few states that are coming around to legalizing online gambling.  Cyprus and Japan are also countries that do not permit most forms of online gambling.


Gambling is something people love to do and is a great equaliser. You can sit at blackjack table in Nevada with Americans and Chinese. You can play a poker tournament in London with Italians and South Africans. It’s one of the beauties of gambling and it translates to online gambling for some games too. There are places in the world that ban online gambling, and this will continue to be topic of debate. If you are a frequent traveller and love to gamble, I recommend checking the rules and laws before you think about gambling.

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