Look out for more bonuses as the online casino industry hits 2015

The gaming industry can present significant opportunities for casino players at certain times throughout the year, and January is one of them. Seasonal activities can cause a surge in bonus potential, and new slots and games may produce free spins, but nothing compares to the fresh start that comes with the New Year. In this article, we’re going to look at why real money players should be more vigilant in the early days of 2015.

Bonus frequency is a term used to define how busy casinos or the industry as a whole are working in terms of welcome bonuses, promotions and offers. It’s a frequency that we can monitor and should be monitored to ensure competition creates consumption, in other words; brands are forced to compete with welcome bonuses. January is one of the times within the gambling industry at which bonus frequency saturates and peaks. But what does this mean for slots and roulette players.

casino bonuses

It means more; that’s essentially what bonus frequency output leads to in the New Year, the January sales of the online casino market if you like. Players can expect free spins for signing up to increase, a surge in offers related to new games and improvements to welcome bonuses. Depositing cash players who wager real money will benefit most as betting brands look to increase memberships in early 2015. It’s a combination of the weather, competition and spikes in residual income that leave casinos with no choice, but to dig deeper. It’s why deposit bonuses are the ones to look out for come January next year.

Slotsquad the review portal claim the margin between the well known betting giants and the smaller independent casinos narrows in the first few weeks of the year. The Squad that specialises in finding trusted online casino operators with valuable memberships has already sidelined the leading names to align with come January. If you’re interested in joining a brand that has a high bonus frequency for 2015 and beyond then you might want to look at the casino bonuses that Slotsquad have recommended here.

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