Top 3 Online Poker Tournaments with the Biggest Payout

When you hear of people like Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey who have won over $21.2 million and : Antonio Esfandiari who is the holder of the biggest winner of all time in poker with over $26.2 million to his name, you wonder how or where these players meet to play and more importantly, how does one manage to win $10 million in a single event. Well, it is not a single event per-se, because the highest paying casino games are tournaments. If you are a good poker player and believe you can win, there are a number of great online poker tournaments you can join and try your luck with the pros. Here are the top 3 best paying online poker tournaments you should know about.

1. World Championship of Online Poker

The World Championship of Online Poker is plainly abbreviated WCOOP and is sponsored by PokerStars. The online poker tournament is always held in September on their website and it offered $12,783,900 in prize money in 2005, making it the highest paying online poker tournament in the world. This tournament was PokerStars’ attempt to come up with a World Series of Poker tournament played online.

Online Poker Tournaments

2. PokerStars

In 2011, during the celebration of the PokerStars 10th anniversary tournament, a Canadian Kyle Weir set a record of the most wins in an online poker game when he earned a $12,423,200. The first prize in the tournament was $1,146,574.65 and is considered one of the highest in online poker history.

3. Cake Poker

Cake Poker is a mid-sized poker tournament that offers constant daily overlays because they have a very extensive and guaranteed prize pool tournaments schedules. About 20 percent of their tournaments have overlays during the week but it is a great place to play if you want to win smaller prizes but every day.

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