How to get started at online Keno

Where to Play

New to Keno? Play online keno with Paddy Power is a great way to learn the game. You can play it in a free mode until you are ready to play for real money. This is truly where the ACTION starts. Online keno brings all the excitement of real money keno to your own home. There’s always a game available, and variety of different options.

With amazing graphics, secure transactions, and huge keno bonuses there is no reason not to give it a try. Online keno gives players like you an opportunity to learn the game and a better chance of winning.

Keno Rules

The game of Keno is very similar to the local lottery. The game has been played in China for century’s but it was first introduced in Europe and the America in the early 1800’s. Keno has become very popular throughout the world because it is very easy to play and players have a chance to win big prizes by betting small amounts.

Online Keno

In the game of Keno the player is required to select 4 – 10 numbers between 1 – 80. Each selected number is called a ‘spot’, therefor if a player selects 6 numbers this is referred to as a ‘6 Spot Game’. To select the ‘spot’ numbers the player must make his or her selection on a keno ticket or on the keno screen. After the player has selected the ‘spot’ numbers, the round which is also known as the ‘race’ will commence by 20 numbered balls being drawn from the keno machine that contains 80 numbered balls. If enough of the players ‘spot’ numbers are drawn from the machine the player wins.

The amount of keno winnings varies from casino to casino, and increases/decreases according to the number of ‘spots’ selected. It is always suggested that players read the rules before playing, which are always posted in the casino or made available online. The rules will always explain how winnings are paid, and the maximum and minimum wager amounts.

Keno Strategy

The mathematically proven formula to win at keno is simple. The strategy is to play a three number ticket (a three spot), which mathematically provides for the best profit ratio. Three numbers are the easiest combination of numbers to hit and the payout is 43 to 1.  Note: a player also wins if only one or two of the three numbers are drawn, and with the combined probability of hitting 0,1,2, or 3 numbers no other combination of numbers gives the player a better mathematical chance of winning.

The best and most proven strategy in keno is the three spot – 25 game system. The reason why 25 games are chosen is because mathematically, according to the law of diminishing returns, this is the point of maximum payoff.  The method is simple; all you need to do is choose your three lucky numbers and play 25 games at $3 each.

If the player only hits all three numbers once, the player wins $129. After deducting the cost of the tickets ($75) from the winnings the player makes a profit of $54, not even including the winnings from hitting one or two numbers in other games. This system is widely recognized by professional keno players as the safest bet, while the payoffs are not so great, it’s easy to play multiple systems at the same time and rake in large profit!

Don’t be fooled by other complex casino systems, especially the ones that cost money. The true facts are that keno is a simple game to play, and once you familiarize yourself with the payout structure, you will see that only a few systems are worth playing. If you have a great chance of making a small profit, why would you bother risking your money for a risky higher payoff? Once you become an advanced player you will devise strategies, enabling yourself to identify high frequency numbers and previous payoff sequences, allowing your betting strategy to change as to what you see as the future probable outcome. Once you have a genuine knowledge of the game, you will find out which level of play you can master. Then, the sky’s the limit!

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