Cold Weather – Stay Warm and Play These 6 Hot Slots Instead

We have to be honest here: we’re not fans of cold weather. Sure, the snow is nice once in a while, but it blocks us from really doing everything that we want to do. We’re warm weather people living in snowy places. It’s given us a lot of time to reflect, but we’d honestly rather be doing something active, something that keeps our attention on more interesting things. That brings us squarely to the subject of slot games, especially interesting ones that keep our attention fixed on them for a while. It can’t beat the cold weather completely, but it can at least keep our minds off it for a while.

Here are those hot slots to watch, enjoy, and most importantly…play!

1. Million Cents

Million Cents slots
High graphics, a retro theme, and plenty of features join forces in this game featuring a very special feature: the opposite to win one million cents. This is a game that’s featured on a lot of Android mobile gaming platforms, but you’ll find it online as well. You get the wild symbol and the scatter so you can get free spins pretty easily. This is a slot aimed at low-stakes players, not just the high rollers that other slots seem to favor all the time. Definitely one to check out!

2. Dazzle Me

Dazzle Me slots

This is a slot game with an interesting display: it’s a 5-reel game, but it has a three gem, three gem, four gem, four gem, and five gem column configuration. The music is soothing, reminding us more of waves crashing against the beach than a jewelry store soundtrack. But gems are definitely the name of the game. Check out the Dazzling Wild Reels feature and the Linked Reels feature, if you do nothing else. The Dazzling Wild Reels means that the whole reel can turn wild, increasing your winnings a great deal. There are free spins aplenty, and you can trigger them again. The Linked Reels feature can lock reels in place, making the symbols identical on the two of them as a set. That really stacks your winnings as well, so make sure that you check it out.

3. Illusions 2

Illusions 2 slots

Do you want to enter the mysterious world of stage magic? Illusions run wild with this slot game, but in a cheeky way. The theme takes place inside a theatre, where a magic show is already in motion. There are 30 win lines to this slot game, and you can customize how much you’re betting on each spin. Keep in mind that you have to win on a line from left to right. The biggest win in the game is the assistant, and you have to have five of this symbol to win 1,000 coins. There are free spins, but you’ll need to get three of the magician symbol to appear. There are also plenty of chances for wilds, which can add a 5x max multiplier. There are also opportunities for a 3x and 2x multiplier, or no multiplier at all. The scatter symbol is especially generous, with 5x, 10x, or 25x of the stake being multiplied. If you’re looking for big wins, this is definitely a slot game to play early and often.

4. Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre slots

This is a wrestling-themed slot that focuses on really giving you cool features. You have grouped wilds, wild symbols that can jump to other reels to increase your winnings. Then if you get three scatter features, you active the “Time to Rumble” feature. This is a feature that lets you determine what type of move you want to use against your opponents. If you land the move correctly, you get a lot of free games and double prize options.

Don’t forget to watch for the Mask of Fiery Doom. This is a spin that gives you 4 reels with nothing but scatter symbols that hold as the other reel spins. This is a 25 line slot that packs lots of features and interesting aspects, so make sure to put it on your list.

5. Hook’s Heroes

hooks heroes slots
This is a pirate themed slot that doesn’t take itself very seriously, given that it’s in a cartoon format. Even more importantly, this is a slot based on the Peter Pan story, except you’re on the villain’s side rather than our beloved boy hero’s side. This high seas escapade is all about getting together a crew that will let Captain Hook take on Peter Pan. Every pirate earns you a prize, so it’s in your best interest to keep going!

There is a wild symbol that can take the place of just about any symbol other than the scatter. The scatter is very lucrative, as it helps you get lots of free spins through a mini game. We like dhow playful this slot felt, and would recommend it to someone that wants to see a slot game that doesn’t take itself so seriously.

6. Tipsy Tourist

Tipsy Tourist slots

Hey, who doesn’t remember drinking a little more than intended? This slot takes place in Miami, and the tourist in question has had a few too many holiday drinks. But he can still win prizes, and so can you! The top prize in this is 1,750 coins. There are retriggerable free spins, along with a bonus game. The bonus game is simple: figure out heads or tails, and if you win the flip, the other person has to take a drink. The first person to get 3 drinks loses, and you get a prize if you’re the winner. It’s a really straightforward slot, but one that has enough features to keep our attention for a while.

With the cold weather season underway, we’re really trying to make sure that we check out as many slot games as possible. If you don’t see a favorite here, don’t worry. There are plenty of features in all of these slots, to the point where you’re bound to find a new favorite in virtually no time at all!

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