Black Jack: The Winning Techniques

Blackjack is one of the most popular and most played casino games. It is the most studied and the one game that has the most fanatics and professionals, beating poker to the second place. Many people have devoted their time, effort and money to learning ways to beat the system and emerge a winner in Blackjack and although some of the winning techniques are considered unethical or cheating, if they are legal you need to know about them and make a difference in your game. Here are the best 3 winning techniques for Blackjack players.

Technique 1: The Basic Strategy

In blackjack, a player has the option to draw a new card, stand with the current hand or split the cards but the dealer doesn’t have such options. In this strategy, the player takes advantage of the dealer’s one card by making a better move decision based on his two cards. Although this strategy doesn’t particularly make winners, it reduces the house’s edge down to 0.5% from 8%.

Technique 2: Card Counting

Card Counting

The most popular and effective winning technique in blackjack is card counting. This technique is mathematically proven but it takes a lot of effort and practice and you must have a good memory. You significantly lower the house edge to below 1% then use a simple elimination tactic to narrow down the value of the cards as they are dealt. It is a tiresome and demanding strategy but it is very rewarding.

Technique 3: Shuffle Tracking

Shuffle-tracking, also called out-of-card counting is emerging as the best alternative to the traditional well known card counting technique. This technique involves keeping track of the important cards in a deck to know when the good ones will be dealt. The more the cards are shuffled, the harder it is to keep track. This technique is for advanced and professional players only because it is very difficult to master.

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