Top 5 Best Online Slots to Play on AnyTimeCasino for Fun and to Win

So if you love playing online slots as much as I do, and that means you play a lot of them and have done for a long time, you probably have your preferred favorite site and even slots of choice. Or perhaps you need to find a better one with some of the best online slots to play for fun and to win real cash money with of course! Well since I’ve been having fun and winning with AnyTimeCasino quite nicely lately I wanted to talk about 5 of their current online slots games you can play for free, for fun or for real money if you’re feeling lucky and so long as you follow my advice you should be when it comes to playing AnyTimeCasino’s slots!

Now I don’t know what it is, I guess that each casino site has their own algorithms which are used in the slot games and each sites games, even those that are the same game, play differently, reward differently, offer different prizes and even have their own bonuses, features and of course, pay percentage. That’s the percentage it pays out in average based on how much has been put in. That’s a rule that mostly every fruit or slot machine has followed but it’s that uniqueness about some online casino games that makes them a little more, generous, than most others and that’s something only playing can teach you!


Now Starburst isn’t a new online slot machine game, it’s actually been a very popular slot game for a long time and many popular online casinos, and even real casinos has at least one Starburst game. There are different versions to Starburst, different generation of games. They’re all mostly the same in terms of how to play, the features and rewards, but every now and then, a new one with ever brighter shinier jewels comes along that is like an upgrade to them all, and that’s what AnyTimeCasino Starburst game is! What I like most about playing Starburst is that it provides some really fun gameplay!

Of all the different slots, Starburst keeps you playing by giving you more prizes and wins and no series of spins, based on how much you’re playing with, ever returns nothing. I’ve never had that happen and have played it thousands of times! You wont always be up, but the more you play it, the more you know what it’s likely to do and that can give you an advantage which results in fewer losses and more wins! Starburst is a true favorite and classic slot game that has enough eye candy to satisfy the most veteran of players that the more you play, the more you win.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World slot

For all those that grew up loving dinosaurs and watched all the Jurassic world movies! And for those like me that can’t wait for more! Even for those that don’t care much about the movies but want to play a ferociously fun game that has a lot of bite and a lot of features and fun ways to play and win. Then Jurassic World is the online slot machine game to play! The games visuals and sound effects really immerse and involve you with the game so you’re guaranteed a great experience every time you play!

With 5 reels, all made up of different dinosaurs, characters and Jurassic elements from the movies. There’s 243 ways you can win. And get the Indominous Rex to boost your win up to 1000x your bet. Enter Gyrosphere Valley by increasing your multiplier trail. Open Creation Lab by rolling the reels with the Cryo Wilds. And the Raptor Den by holding Wild Scatters. The Wild Scatters can be stacked too which gives a better chance of winning of course. But it’s all about the Indominous Rex when playing Jurassic World as when he shows up he can help you win 1000 your original bet!


Motorhead rocks! And any Motorhead fan that loves Guns n’ Roses and Jimi Hendrix and a punt on online slots will love playing Motorhead that is based on the frontman himself that is Lemmy letting you relive the whole Motorhead while winning! This slot game is based on and largely styled around that whole rock scene with it being set on a stage surrounded by guitars, amps, drums and other gig gear. As you play Motorhead and win, and bring in matches of items or scatter coins and stuff, you’ll hear real sounds and music from Motorhead which really adds to the whole theme of everything and makes playing the Motorhead slots online a nice experience and fun. You can win up to 150x your bet with Motorhead slots. And with 5 reels there are 76 pay lines so lots of ways to win. Honestly, for all Motorhead fans or even those that just like or love them like myself, Motorhead is the slot game to play and win with.

Blazing Goddess

With all the hype being Bear Grylls Survivor Island, playing Blazing Goddess transports you to your own lush and tropical island! And if you play right, you might even get to meet the Goddess herself! But Blazing Goddess online slot game is one that shows why these games exist in the first place; not just so we can win some cash, but so we can have fun in a tropical and exotic make believe location. But more than that, as soon as you start playing you’ll be put right into the game and made to feel a part of it as the Goddess spins the reels of Jacks, Queens, and Kings, tropical flower, toucans, symbols, temples and volcanoes all spin in.

To be straight, Blazing Goddess has most of the features and bells n’ whistles you’d come to expect in today’s online slots. And while the great tribal drumming music, sound effects, the graphics and actions that take place are all really great fun to hear and watch. With 5 reels there are approximately, 1024 ways you can win and bets from .50 in pay mode. Wins are quite often and random from low to high. But I recommend playing this one in free mode for a while first of all to get used to it a bit more as that will give you the upper hand when playing in real money mode. If you’re looking for a slot game that is based on fabled and mythological beasts and beings, and one that erupts with wins often then play Blazing Goddess.

Divine Fortune

So if you remember watching movies like Jason and the Argonauts as a kid and love all of that which comes with such mythological stories and Gods. And you want to relive that moment you first saw Pegasus and the Minotaur! Well that’s what you’ll see along with more when you play Divine Fortune slot machine game online. The guys at AnyTimeCasino have taken all of the best of Greek mythology and pack-a-punched it into a slot game that is as exciting to play as it is to watch and listen to. Especially when you collect enough gold coins and unlock the bonus jackpot game letting you win up to 200x your initial bet.


If you’re looking for a reliable online casino with great online slots to play that never fail to deliver a whopping fully immersive experience while keeping the play and the fun going for longer, then AnyTimeCasino is the place to play them! There are more games than this too! Check out their Fairytale Legends: Hansel and Gretel slots and the Vegas Games to get on the Gold Strip which is where you’ll find me!

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