Top 3 Opponent’s tells to Spot in an Online Poker Table

If you don’t know what poker tells are, you probably don’t know much about the game besides that it is a game of chance and that the odds of winning can be altered even by the slightest facial expression. Poker tells are those small movements a human being involuntarily makes, such as twitching of the nose, creasing of the forehead, sighing or holding breath among others and can be used by opponents to estimate the player’s hand. However, when it comes to online gaming, how can you read an opponent you cannot see? The secret is in watching their behavior in the game, eventually something leaks out and a pattern forms. Here are the top 3 tell tale signs you can use in online poker to your advantage.

1. Massive over and under-betting

One of the most reliable signs to read when playing poker online is a sudden or initial over and under betting by your opponent. It could mean your opponent has little or no experience, has lost track of the pot size you are not playing a LIVE game.

poker tells

2. Instant calling

Did your opponent just call instantly? There isn’t much to think about then and he has a speculative hand if the call is before a flop or the player didn’t think about raising. The insta-call before the flop helps you narrow his holding. This sign actually shows something is going down, but it can either be very good or very bad for you.

3. Delayed reaction

Among the easiest to tell signs in online poker is a long pause before a play. An unusually long time to decide is a genuine indication your opponent may be spoilt of choice unless you know you put him in a corner. An unusually long delay is most often not a good sign, it is worse if the long delay is followed by a raise!

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