These Four Slots Really Give You the Vegas Experience

Vegas. It’s only one word, but it means so many things to so many different people. Maybe you’ve secretly dreamed of running off to Vegas to get married to someone special. Hey, it’s the stuff of movies, but it definitely makes for a great story years and years later, right? Slot games also make a great story for your friends, and you don’t even have to see any Elvis impersonators or even fly to Vegas to get the same rush and thrill of Vegas style gambling. It’s all about bright colors, sounds, and a sense that you could be one spin away from a jackpot that’s truly worth bragging about.

We love the Vegas mobile casino experience, and wanted to show you a few slots that really let you have fun. There are four of them below, so check it out.

1. Mega Money Rush

This is a slot with a very obvious racing theme. You’re going to love seeing all of the racing symbols. There are even speedboats and planes. The focus is on speed more than a specific car, so there’s a little something for everyone here. You unlock different vehicles as you go through the levels, and there are mini games inside the slot. The highest game is Star Blaze, which has a payout of over 8,000 times your stake!

2. Clash of Queens


This is a five reel, 25 payline slot with a great theme. You really do feel like you’re caught between two warring factions. Think that boys are the only ones that like to go head to head? Then it’s time you met these queens! The cool thing about this slot is that you can put up to 250 credits if you want to max out your bet, or you can play a lot less than that. This means that the slot is great for both high rollers and low stakes alike.

3. Great Wild Elk

This has to be one of our favorite slots. The theme’s graphics are really sharp, and we loved getting one of the big symbols to show up. What happens in this game is that if you get the snake or maiden to appear, it actually makes all of the other reels turn to that symbol. It really increases the amount that you can win. We love mythical/mystical-themed slot games, and if you do as well…you’re not going to be disappointed by this one at all.

4. Dreams of Fortune


Doesn’t the name just make you want to play? We all dream of fortune now and then, even those so-called “realistic” people. Deep down, everyone wants to win a big prize. That’s where Dreams of Fortune comes in. Big bonus rounds await you, with a fun cartoonish theme that really drives home that you’re playing for the chance at winning money!

Overall, these four slots are only the tip of the iceberg, as they say. If you want more slots action, you need to check it out for yourself. We’re just trying to get you started!

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