The Best and Worst Casino Game Odds

Most people will visit casinos this summer, whether they are on a cruise ship, on their trip or a local casino during their vacation. However, before going to the casino, it is important to know the games that will give you the best chances of winning. To find out the games that give you an edge while playing at the casinos, two game managers were consulted and the results are as stated below:

Table Games

Most people have not realized that table games actually have better odds than slots. Most of them are intimidated by the idea of Card Sharks taking all their money. They have the perception of some intense tournament in their mind hence end up sticking with what they perceive to be safer game: the slots. However, by opting for this, they are doing a disservice to themselves.

Rather than spending your time on slot machines, move on to places where these table games are being played;

  1. Blackjack:


This game has the best winning odds with the house edge of 1% in most casinos. Moreover, you are only playing against the dealer and not some hooded poker champion. It is one of the easiest games to play as you only need to look for a number that beat that of the dealer without having to go over 21. Unlike poker, the game is quite easy to learn. If you are a beginner, you can seek the help of the dealer who will take you through the game at a less busy time.

  1. Craps:


From the blackjack table, you can move on to Craps, a dice game with about 50-50 odds of winning. Although the craps table might be a little intimidating for beginners, especially with the many boxes at the table, it is not a tough game. It has the second best chances of winning. After all, you are only betting on a dice-roll.

  1. Roulette:


Your next stop should be at the Roulette wheel. The game is simple and pays quite well. You play by betting on your favorite numbers. The dealer spins the wheel and if your favorite number comes in, you will have won. If you just stick to betting on Blacks and Reds you will almost have a 50-50 chance of winning. When you choose red and it lands on red, you double your bet. Although it may seem like you have even chances of winning by just selecting one color, there is also a catch which gives the house its own edge. This is the extra-green o and oo positions on the wheel, which is on every American wheel. Although playing one number may seem difficult to win, if you do win, it pays out quite well: 36 to 1.

Games with the Worst Odds

Although most casinos may not want to admit, according to a Forbes Magazine report, the ever popular Slot Machines and the Wheel of Fortune are the games with the least chances of winning.

All in all, it is important to note that even those games with the best chances of winning still favor the house. If you play it long enough, you are bound to lose as the house wins. As for slot game lovers, putting more money on your bets increases your chances of winning. Always remember to gamble responsibly so as to avoid wasting your money.


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