Some Classic Bingo Patterns You’ll Find In Real Cash Games Online

Bingo is a hot game online because it doesn’t require any advance strategy. This means that you can leave work, come home, log in, and put extra money in your pockets. That’s a very good thing. But did you know that not all bingo rooms are the same? Some will let you win only if you can call a bingo with a specific pattern. There are a ton of patterns out there, but we decided to give you the most common ones we’ve seen throughout the different bingo halls online. Remember that even if you get a bingo in a different direction, most rooms will still let you call it. It just depends on the specific room and their rules.

1. Stamp

The Postage Stamp pattern is one of the most common, aside from the “traditional” five pattern and four corners. The postage stamp can be anywhere on the card, but it has to be 4 numbers called right next to each other.

2. Diamond

This is where the card is mostly filled in, but in the middle so that it looks like a diamond. Remember that you have to have the exact shape in order to call a correct bingo.

Bingo Patterns

3. Letter U & Letter X

We include both of these because it’s very common to see them both in the wild. You might be surprised at how tricky it is to catch all of the numbers for a letter U or a letter X! Play and see!

4. Tree

As we get closer to the holidays, get ready to see the Tree pattern pop up more. This is one that’s going to take some time to get a bingo from, because you’ll have a lot of numbers that don’t mean anything.

5. Double Stamp

If you think you can call the Postage Stamp with ease, why not try the Double Stamp? This is where you have to get not one but Two Stamps to be on the board at the same time before you can get your bingo. Tough!

There are plenty of patterns out there. If you’re looking for a new game to bet on, why not go with online bingo on You’re essentially placing a bet that you will win. The game will keep your bet if you don’t win, but what if you do win? Imagine how cool that will be! Play and see for yourself as soon as you can. There are a ton of great prizes waiting for you online, and no one will ever tell you when you can play and when you can’t. The game is completely and utterly on your terms!

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