Roulette vs Slot Machines: What are Your Best Odds?

Many people to this day associate the word casino with slot machines and a roulette table and it is for a good reason. Although table games such as poker and blackjack are the most rewarding to players, the roulette and slot machines are easy to play and have a high house edge, meaning that the player’s chances are very low. But of the two, which is a better devil? Hard to decide because we LOVE a great game of roulette or a nice run on the slot machines after a long game of poker at our local Zurich Casino.

Slot Machines

But which has higher odds than the other?

The roulette definitely offers better chances of winning than the slots, not just because it was invented earlier but because it offers a slim chance of altering your odds and if you choose to play on a European style roulette table, your chances automatically shoots higher. When it comes to probability, you will need to analyze each of these games differently but my guess is that this also depends on the type of machine for slots and the table type for the roulette.


Playing the roulette is very easy, but the randomness and the bouncing of the ball makes it the less predictable one, especially if you have a keen eye. Slot machines often have 3 reels on them, but the number of symbols also matter. Compared to the roulette, a three reel slot machine may offer better paying odds than an American style roulette table for instance.

The best way to determine the game offering better odds between the roulette and the casino is to analyze the last round as it determines how low or high the final odds of winning are. Unlike a roulette table, a slot machine will have new results after each spin which makes it difficult to observe a pattern because the generators vary the time of the spins.  In conclusion, based on typical conditions, a player has better chances of winning with the roulette table and not the slot machine.

Where to play these games online?

There are plenty of great online casinos out there that are offering both European and the American style of roulette. One of my current favorites is allpro casino. They have a wide selection of online slots and offer a generous promotions for their players. If you are looking to add a new online casino to your collection, you should take a closer look at Allpro Casino.

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