3 slot games worth playing online today

Out of all the casino gambling games available to players today, slots certainly stand at center stage as the most popular and sought after forms of casino entertainment. Relative to other games,  slots are reasonably new in the gambling world, having been created just over 100 years ago, but in that short space of time, these games have made an explosive impact on the world of entertainment. Today UK slots command a billion pound industry that keeps growing with each passing year.

The internet brought a revolution in slots games. Advanced software, innovative thought and creative teams ensured that slots entertainment passed easily over into the world of online casino gambling, and millions of players can testify to the sheer joy that they have each time they pull those virtual reels.

Slot games come in all shapes and sizes, although the general premise and objective remain the same. Players can enjoy classic three reel games, bonus slots, progressive slots, feature slots, multi line slots… the list goes on. The great thing about the world of slot games is that players can pick and choose according to their mood. If they feel like straight forward slots entertainment with few frills, traditional one line, three pay line games are ideal.

For those in the mood for something more challenging or entertaining, bonus or feature slots are just the right thing. Bonus slots provide players with the opportunity to enjoy bonus games that are triggered by landing certain icons on the reels, leading to extra, sometimes second screen, games for the ultimate in entertainment. Feature slots involve added features to the slot games, such as wild symbols, scatters and multipliers – the list is endless.


If bamboo-covered forests, panda bears, and tigers are your idea of fun, then Tiger Treasures is definitely your game.  Tiger Treasures plays just like any other online slots game where you pick the number of paylines you want to play, select your bet size, and let the 5 reels spin.  Of course, there’s more to the game than just this so let’s see what else Tiger Treasures has to offer.

Paylines and Bets

Tiger Treasures features 20 different paylines and they are represented by numbers on the side. Each side has 10 numbers on it for a total of 20 numbers. When you select the number of paylines you want to play, the playable paylines light up while all of the other numbers are dimmed. To select the number of paylines you play, you can either click the desired number on the sides or use the “Lines” box below the reels.  Just use the up and down arrows to make changes.

In regards to bets, you can change the amount of money bet on each payline by going down to the button marked “Bet” and using the up and down arrows. As you change the bet amount, the number will appear different in the box above the reels. Your wagers can be as low as £0.01 (assuming you only play one payline) or as high as £100.00 if you play all 20 paylines. The maximum amount you can bet on one payline is £5.00.

Bankroll and Jackpot

Spotting your play money bankroll is easy since it’s shown in the top-left corner of the game. You will be given £1,000 to start off with and can increase the fake cash from there. The jackpot is shown directly above the reels and it’s progressive so the amount keeps increasing until it is won.

Activating the Reels

To start the game, simply click the “Spin” button below the reels. Depending on what symbols appear in the reels, you will either win a payout or lose your wager.  You can also choose the “Autoplay” feature to let the machine play for you as well.


The world has always had a fascination with old Asian culture. Apparently, the makers of Ronin have a fascination with it too since their game contains lots of Asian castles, battle helmets, samurais. If this interests you, then you’ll find that Ronin is really easy to get into since you only need to click the “Spin” or “Autospin” button below the reels to get started. After spinning the reel, you’re in for lots of cool sound effects and play prize money!

Jackpot and Bankroll

The big goal in Ronin is obviously to win the progressive jackpot that’s featured above the 5 reels. Even when you’re not playing, you will notice the jackpot increasing in size. In your pursuit of the jackpot, you will definitely need a bankroll to aid you and this is shown in the top left-hand corner. The amount of money you win on each spin will be featured in the top right-hand corner (assuming there is a win).

Paylines and Betting

As mentioned before, making spins is easy since you can just click the Spin button below. However, you should set your desired betting preferences up before doing so. To adjust the size of your wagers on each spin, simply use the arrows by the “Bet” box below the reels. As you make chances, you will notice the bet size increase or decrease above the game. Bet sizes go from £0.01 to £100.00

You will also want to adjust the paylines on the game to however many you wish to play on each spin. To change the paylines, you can either use the “Lines” adjuster at the bottom of the game or you can click the numbers on the side of the game. You can play up to 20 paylines on a single spin so there are quite a few options in regards to bets.


Take a trip under the sea to play the new online slots game Crystal Waters. This underwater adventure involves plenty of seahorses, seas urchins, turtles, crabs, and of course fish. Plus there are plenty of letter and numbers for you to line up on your way to winning lots of play money and having fun.

Playing the Game

If you’re used to playing Internet slots, then you should have no trouble with Crystal Waters. The first thing you’ll want to do is select your bet size and amount of paylines you wish to play. Selecting bet size is easily done by using the arrows down by the “Bet” button under the reels. When you use the arrows, you will notice the bet size change in the box above the 5 reels. The bet amount changes from £0.01 all the way up to £100.00 depending on how many paylines you play.

Changing the number of paylines you want to play can be done in a couple of ways. The first way is very similar to the bet size selector where you use the arrows by the button labeled “Lines”. The other method to change the paylines is even simpler because you can just click one of the numbers on the sides of the game to pick how many paylines you want to play.

Bankroll and Jackpot

Your play money bankroll will be shown at the top left of the screen. This number will show the amount of money you have in your quest to win the jackpot.  And speaking of the jackpot, this number is listed in the middle of the screen above the reels.  The jackpot number is progressive and will keep rising until it is won.

When all is said and done, the sheer enjoyment experienced by slot game entertainment is an unbeatable experience.

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