The best casino bonuses to look out for

If you are choosing between casinos then there are many features that you might be interested in. However, one main thing which most people look for are the casino bonuses. These are the offers that casinos give you which will encourage you to sign up and they can vary from site to site. There are different types of bonuses depending on the place you sign up with.

casino bonuses

Free bonus – no deposit

Some casinos will offer a free bonus with no deposit required. These are really great because it means that you can play the casino games for free and try them out before deciding whether you think that they are worth paying for. If you win something, you may have to make a real deposit before you can get your winnings out though. Make sure that you know what the terms and conditions are and that you are happy with them before you register with the site.

% cashback

Some sites will offer a percentage cashback for your deposits. This may mean that if you deposit £10 they will give you 50% cashback and therefore your account will be credited with £15. It often is set up so that the cashback is more generous if you deposit more money. It is a great way for sites to entice new customers but you do need to be careful that you are not tempted to deposit more money than you can really afford. Sites do vary though and some can be extremely generous.

Free spins/bets

Sometimes you might get offered free spins or bets from sites. These can be good if they are for a game that you want to play. However, if they are for a different game then they may not be worth it as it may just be trying you to play something that you do not really like. So think carefully about these as to whether they really are a good deal or not.

Referral bonus

Some casinos will offer a referral bonus. This means that they will pay members money if someone that they have referred deposits money. It normally works that once a certain deposit is placed, then a bonus is paid. It will depend on the casino though and how they set up their referral scheme. Make sure you find out beforehand so that you know what to expect,

Loyalty bonus

Some casinos will give some sort of bonus to their loyal customers. It can seem like only new customers are rewarded, but this is not always the case. These loyalty schemes may reward people who play a lot or deposit a lot of money or both. It is worth checking which sites offer these and how much they are to see whether you are likely to qualify. You may find that you have to deposit a lot more money than you can afford in order to get them so be wary of these, particularly if you have a tight budget.


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