Mobile Slots

Introduction to slots

Slot machines are one of the most popular types of casino games in the world. It is no wonder therefore, that mobile slots have also become one of the most preferred types of casino entertainment for players on the go.

The first slot machine was invented way back in 1898 and its father, the San Francisco mechanic Charles Fey, could have hardly imagined such a bright future for its creation. Slots have evolved significantly since then, as together with the rest of the casino games they were transferred first online and then to mobile devices.

The reason for the huge popularity of slots, both in land-based venues and online, is their simplicity. Unlike other casino games, with poker being the first example that comes to mind, playing slots does not require any gambling experience whatsoever. This makes it the perfect choice for the newcomers to the world of casino games, since they do not need to worry that other more seasoned players are going to take advantage of their lack of experience. Even though there is a huge variety of slot games and game features, especially online, the main principle remains the same – the players spin the reels and then wait to see whether they have won or not. Relying on nothing else but your luck is what makes this game the purest form of gambling entertainment.


Mobile slot games

Nowadays the owners of mobile devices can enjoy a huge variety of mobile casino games at vipclubcasino, with new games being released all the time. For that reason, it is important that players have at least a basic understanding of the main slot games variations so that they can make the best choices with regards to their personal preferences and expectations.

The two major categories are classic and video slots. If you happen to be a fan of old-school casino entertainment, then you should try out playing some classic mobile slots which can bring a real Las Vegas atmosphere to your smartphone. Classic slots usually feature only three reels and one payline, thus making the game entertainment as simple and straightforward as possible.

The other main category of this popular game that you can enjoy is the video slots category. This game usually have five, seven or even nine reels and multiple paylines, meaning that betting on it is likely to cost you more, but on the other hand, you will have more potential chances to win. And yet, what makes video slots really special is the visual entertainment that they offer. Usually, these games have special themes based on popular books, movies and cartoons, or feature a unique story of their own which unfolds as the player spins the reels.

The benefits of mobile slots

As is the case with regular online games, mobile slots have a lot of advantages when compared to games in a brick and mortar pub or casino. The first main benefit of playing it online, either at home or on the go is that online casino operators offer much better payout rates than you can get in your local pub, for instance. This is possible since running an online or a mobile casino is associated with fewer expenses than running a land-based venue.


Then, when playing on your smartphone or on your laptop at home, you can enjoy much bigger variety of games and it is much easier to switch from one game to another. Also, mobile casinos, similarly to regular online casinos, offer players the option to enjoy games for free.

As for mobile slots, they are perhaps the most appropriate form of gambling entertainment for players on the go on account of their simplicity. Since playing this game does not involve any skills, it does not require the player to be really concentrated in the game, meaning that you can play it in a noisy outside environment without being constantly worried that losing your concentration will result in losing your money as well.

It is no wonder that mobile casinos have contributed to the popularity of casino games – mobile slots have retained all the benefits of the classic land-based games with the added benefit of letting the player decide when and where to play.

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