How to increase your luck at an online casino

An online casino presents you with two distinct types of games, the first set of games refer to chance based games. Chance based games are those games which you win solely or largely due to luck, there is no skill set required for you to win. The other set of games refer to strategy based games. Strategy based games do require some degree of skill in addition to luck if you are to win regularly. However, though these two sets of games are in their own way different, they do have a common denominator which is, superstition. Yes, you read that right, there are superstitions to be observed when playing games online whether chance based or strategy based that help in improving your luck.

Wearing red

This is widely believed by many that wearing the colour red does increase one’s luck when playing at an online casino. It also works when visiting a land-based casino. Though difficult to pinpoint where exactly this belief originated from, many believe it originated from the Far East, as countries such as China and Japan do see red as a colour symbolising luck and happiness. Superstitions are in the end superstitions but if tales of other big hitters are anything to go by, it’s important that you do wear red when playing at an online casino as it does increase your casino luck.

Switching on the lights

Another superstitious belief widely believed to increase your luck when playing at an online casino is by switching on the lights in all the rooms of your home. No one really knows where this belief originated from but it’s a common strategy employed by casino players from all corners of the world. It does not really matter whether its day or night, the aim is to switch on all the lights when you are trying your casino luck. As light is preferred to darkness, its believed that this light will bring you happiness over sorrow (i.e. when playing in darkness).

Play with a pregnant woman

This superstition started off in land-based casinos but has since spread to online casinos. While in land-based casinos you are urged to gamble with rather than against a woman, players playing at an online casino are urged to gamble with their pregnant wives or sisters by their side in order to increase their luck.  The belief here is that pregnant women do have some good fortune inside them and they also do have an extra pair of eyes, therefore, can help you see something you may not be seeing.

Don’t leave your seat during a gaming session

When playing online, whether,at a live poker tournament or online slots, you do have the opportunity to give yourself a break especially when visiting the toilet. However, the practice of leaving your sit during a session going to the toilet is condemned heavily by the Chinese. They believe that water is money and if you go to the toilet, you are not only flushing away surplus bodily water and fluids but you are also flushing away money (casino luck).

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