Helpful Slots tips that You can take to the Bank

Where to play?

Casino bonuses may be the key feature that attracts new players to online casinos since the best of these offers can quickly double or triple the first deposit. A quick look at just a few offers from some of the top online casinos like will give you an idea about where to put your money. But it is still important to look for the games you enjoy, a safe and reliable company that has a proven record in online gambling, and a high payout percentage.


Of all casino games perhaps the liveliest and most enjoyable are craps and slots. But while good advice can be found for profitable craps strategies, legitimate slots tips are few and far between. The reason, quite simply, is that the result of each spin of the wheels on a slot machine is totally random. There’s no way to study previous results to predict future events. So if you’re looking for magical tips for winning slots I’m afraid your search will be futile.

That’s not to say that slots tips can’t be fun and entertaining and even help you to stretch out your money for longer periods of time. But if you’re a serious gambler looking for a game to conquer, slots is not the game for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for fun and excitement, and you enjoy hanging around with some friendly if often quirky people, then spending some time at the slot machines can add a fun dimension to your casino visit.

Understanding how these machines work will add to your appreciation of the wager and your amazement at some of the slots tips that some people consider worthwhile. First, realize that modern day slot machines are technologically advanced. The numbers or images are chosen completely at random the instant that the handle is pulled or the spin button is pushed. Pull the handle a fraction of a second later and the result would be different.

Use this knowledge to save yourself the anguish that many serious players go through. If you walk away from a machine only to have someone come up right behind you and hit a huge jackpot on the same machine don’t cry or fret. You would never have won that jackpot unless you had pulled the handle at the exact same instant, a virtually impossible feat.

One of the handy slots tips is to ignore signs boasting that the casino’s machines have a 99% payback percentage to the players. Sure, those machines will eventually return 99% of the money wagered, but they may go for months without paying anything before paying out one large jackpot to get up to that magical 99% level.

Much more important than the payback percentage is the payout frequency. Slot machines are usually set with payout frequencies ranging from 5% to over 90%. The higher the percentage, the more often the machine pays out at least something to the players. These generous machines are known as “loose slots” and for many slots fanatics finding one is like the search for the Holy Grail. No one can tell you exactly where to look, and no one’s really sure it actually exists. A good clue to determine if a slot might be loose is to look at the payout chart on the machine. If there are a lot of winning combinations the odds are much better that it might be a “loose slot”.

Finally, the one-sure fire hit of all slots tips is to take the casino up on all of its free, or reduced, offers. Get a players’ card wherever you play and use it when you bet to receive discounts on food, lodging, shows and a host of other goodies that the casino has to offer. You’ll probably be depositing most of your money in their machines so you might as well at least get something back in return.

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